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This page is for registering a Widgit Online trial group account.

A Widgit Online group account allows you to customise the account to your needs and includes three different user levels: Administrators, Managers and Users. You can create users, set their publishing and other permissions and assign managers to users.

Widgit Online Language and Location

Language and Location

Group Details

This is the descriptive name for your group.
This will be the start of the login ID for all users in this group.
Letters and numbers only, no spaces.

Group Administrator Details

The Group Administrator manages the group's users and sets permissions.

Used for logging in
Letters and numbers only, no spaces
How your name appears to other users in your group
(Optional) We only use telephone numbers for technical support. We do not make sales calls.


(Optional) If you have a promotional key, enter it below.
You can use a licence key for SymWriter 2 for an extended trial of Widgit Online.
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Email Consent

Widgit occasionally sends emails about new features and updates to Widgit Online. If you would like to receive these emails, please tick the box below. You can change this preference at any time in the Settings area.

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